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Jonathan Yanez: March 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Official Launch of The Beast Within April 1st

The Beast Within Virtual Book Tour

     Although The Beast Within has already hit amazon, the official launch date for the title will be April 1st. From April 1st through the 12th there have been some great blogs and websites that have been generous enough to agree and host the book's premier. By "host" I mean that each day from the 1st to the 12th The Beast Within will be either reviewed, promoted, I'll be interviewed or there will be a guest post available. If you'd like to see the entire tour schedule please visit

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Beast Within Has Arrived

The Beast Within's First Reviews

     The Beast Within officially hit Amazon this past Saturday and the feedback over the last few days has been better then I could ever have dreamed! Although the official Blog Tour doesn't start until April 1st reviews are already coming in. Below are the first two reviews on Amazon. 

 A great page turner! March 25, 2013
Great book! I love the charactors, they are so likable. The story keeps you turning page after page, and not wanting to put it down. I have to read book two!

Jonathan has me Hook Line and Sinker with this Amazing story and has left me wanting more this is one series I will be keeping up with.

The story line is great it has a nice flow there are a lot of things going on but you don't get lost in them you know exactly what is happening.

The main characters are written beautifully you connect with them especially Conner's character he is just so easy to like.

Image if you will being a 18 year old boy who doesn't know who his father is, who works for his mum has not long been dumped by his girlfriend Katie, meets another girl (Laren) while out for a run and suddenly Conner's world changes forever and that's not even half the story.

Conner is so lovely he doesn't lose who he is at any time in this book even though his world is turned upside down. His ex-girlfriend Katie dumped him but yet he is still there for her and when she calls upon him in her darkest hour he's there and Katie does play a big part in this book.

Then he meets Laren another great character who works for her father they own land and businesses and this is where the back story lies as others feel they own the right to that land.

There is a quick bond cemented between Laren and Conner and when Conner is caught up in trying to save her and her brother Lu she is the one who risks everything and goes against the council and their rules.

Morrigan is another great character I loved her she also plays a bit part in this story. She is not what she seems and has been watching Conner all his life and stands by his side when he faces the council.

Faust believes the land belongs to him and his family and believes he is better than the council and takes matters into his own hands and is involved with the dark power that is yet to come. Faust is the one who goes against the council and breaks their rules and he is the reason why Conner ends up facing the Council you think he is evil I don't think we have seen evil yet but it's coming.

The book doesn't end on a cliff-hanger it just leaves you wanting more and to follow Conner on his journey but I am left with few questions. One being Who is Conner going to choose Katie or Laren ? And yes I know who I want him to end up with.

This is a thrilling read and a great first book in what I can see to be an Awesome series well done Jonathan you certain have a new fan in me.

This Review will also be on my blog Passionate About Books.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How many words a day should I write?

How many words a day is enough?

     Finding the right word count to write each day and staying consistent on that schedule is like trying to find and catch a unicorn. Trust me I realize that. I've been there and I'm still there. God's honest truth is that the right word count is going to depend on you. I know this sounds like a copout but just listen. The two most important things a writer can have is determination and consistency.

     Determination comes into play when we are finding that sweet spot when it comes to word count each day. Don't try to gauge how many pages or paragraphs you write because those can change. Word count however, is a great measuring stick. You need to find a word count that you can hit on a regular basis but that still pushes you. For example I can write one thousand or two thousand words a day consistently but I know I can do more. I've found that four thousand words a day is a great bench mark and one that I can attain while pushing myself. Remember to set an attainable goal for yourself and stay consistent.

     Consistency comes into play when you decide how many days a week you are going to write. If you write three days a week or five the number doesn't matter. What does matter is that you make a commitment to yourself to write those days and to hit your word count each days. If you go over your word count great, but make sure to hit the goal you have set. When your writing the most important thing is to get words on the page. Worry about everything else later during the editing phase, trust me that's a whole other story, this is just the first draft it's supposed to be bad. Like the nike swoosh says up top "Writing, just do it." 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Character Bio: Lupus Abelardus

Character Bio: Lupus Abelardus

     The Abelardus family has been head of the Council for hundreds of years. We have been respected and have done our part to keep the Law as best as we can. There are those from various families who have strayed, but they have all been dealt with. Now another group of Elites seeks to gain power and claim land that does not belong to them. 

     Our father sent us to meet and come to a peaceful solution with the Ulfric family. But peace is not on their minds. As much as my father and sister would like to think peace is an option, I know it isn't. It is only a matter of time before these talks become violent and blood is shed. As if this weren't enough my sister has found a new "friend".

    She knows better but for some reason she isn't thinking straight. She's usually smart about these things. She knows the Law but this stranger has her confused. He's not one of us and it's forbidden for her to associate with one of his kind. I'll be content to let her work it out but if she can't I have no problem stepping in and putting him in his place.



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Short Story: ALIVE

     Every month a group of writers meet in Laguna Beach and we share our stories. It's called Dime Stories and the only rule is that you keep your piece to three minutes or under. Here is the piece I wrote and read last Sunday. I hope you enjoy it!


     I can hear them banging on the door below. I know it’s only hours before the defenses break and we are overrun. There is no possible hope of escape. One look out the windows will confirm this. They are outside in legions, in hordes that extend as far as the eye can see.
     I’m only writing this now so if anyone does survive, if there is a chance this will ever come to an end, that they— that you will know the truth.

     When it happened there was no warning, no time to prepare there was only time to react or die. They came in the middle of the night, by the thousands. They were in houses, hospitals, schools before anyone had time to blink.
     When a disaster like this strikes everyone says to get out of the city. They say the woods or mountains are safer. They say these locations are less inhabited and easier to stay alive in. This would have been great advice if EVERYONE hadn’t decided to do the exact same thing.
     Freeways, highways, back roads all grinded to a standstill within hours. There were too many cars on the roads and soon those cars would become metal coffins. This enemy-- this plague is not fast, but it is relentless.
     News stations stopped transmitting a few days into the disaster and radios a few more days after that. I can’t blame them. I would want to go home and die with my loved ones as well.
     A few pockets of survivors managed to avoid the slaughter on the roads and instead opted to stay and barricade themselves in the city. This seemed to work for a few years but eventually we destroyed ourselves. The self-depraved sinful nature of man would not be quieted even in a time like this.
     Soon gangs formed, warlords, clans call them whatever you want. Power hungry men thought it was their time to rise from the ashes and establish their reign on this shadow of a world we should have shared.
     The living killed the living and we were divided. We weakened one another to the point that we were unable to defend ourselves from the true enemy. The enemy we should have been fighting together the whole time.
     Now only a few of us remain and very soon we will all be gone, victims of our own greed and stupidity.
     But if you are reading this that means that you have survived. It means that there is still hope left for this world. Learn from our mistakes and work together with the remaining survivors. Hold on to what you know is right and never lose hope.
     It is only because of hope that I am able to write this letter when I know I have but hours to live. Remember who your enemy is, remember what they are and have no remorse as you kill them. Whatever you call them; zombies, walkers, the dead they are not alive and they will have no mercy on you as a member of the living.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Beast Within Early Release for Bloggers/Reviewers

The Beast Within Early Release for Bloggers and Reviewers!

     Hello everyone and thank you for all the support and interest showed in The Beast Within. I wanted to give you an update on the book publishing process and offer an early edition of The Beast Within to bloggers and book reviewers.

     As many of you may or may not know once you sign a contract the book publishing process is only just beginning. Along the path of publishing a book there are cover designs, cover design testings, cover reviews, cover releases, cover... we're not even halfway done discussing covers but for the sake of time I'll just say covers are huge! Beyond that there is draft after draft of editing and then the book has to be formatted for both ebook and hardcopy.

     I just want to take the time now to say that without the team at Limitless Publishing I would be in way over my head. They have done a great job on quickly and efficiently advancing the publishing process to get The Beast Within to you as soon as possible. We are just weeks away from the book being released and in the final stages of the publishing process.

     This leads me to the part where I get to offer an advanced copy of The Beast Within to any blogger or book reviewer who would like to read and feature The Beast Within during the blog tour that is being planned by Limitless Publishing. Participating in blog tours are a great way to work together and promote one another whether it be book or blog. If you are interested feel free to email me or comment and I'll be sure to add your name to the list!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Author/Social Media Wizard Balance

The Author/Social Media Master Balance

     October 2012 was coming to an end I had a written manuscript but was still seeking representation for my book. I knew what the next step was but I was fighting it, I needed to build a social platform. You're talking to the guy who checked his Facebook once a month, maybe twice a month... maybe. I didn't know what a tweet was, how to blog and Goodreads might of as well been the ark of the covenant because I had no idea how it worked.

     Fast forward now just four and a half months. I have over 1,000 friends on Goodreads, I'm on Facebook everyday, blog twice a week and 4,815 people follow me on twitter. I'm not giving you these numbers to brag but to encourage you. You don't need to be a Social Media fiend to get your idea or book off the ground you just need to make it a priority. Like every journey in life it happens one step at a time. That means one follower, one blog post, one Goodreads friend at a time.

     I'm a firm believer that hard work beats talent everyday. Building a social platform is work, no doubt but as you begin you might even find yourself enjoying it. What works for me is blogging twice a week, I have my twitter linked to my Facebook so thats two birds with one stone and I check my Goodreads once a day. If I can do this in between clients at the gym and writing I know you can too. No more excuses, no one is going to do it for you. One step at a time my friends, one step at a time.... because in a week, in a month, in a year all those steps are going to add up, placing you directly in front of your goal.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Character Bio: Faust Ulfric

Character Bio: Faust Ulfric

     With the release of The Beast Within just around the corner I wanted to give you something new. I know you all have been very patient and thank you for all the great feedback and support thus far. The book will be coming out this month and I'll be able to give you an exact date in the next few days. But in the meantime here is a character bio of one of the main characters in, The Beast Within.

     My name is Faust Ulfric. I am a descendent from one of the five Elite families and for years I have waited to make my move. For years I have sat by and followed The Law, an ancient set of rules created by the first meeting of the five families. For years I have done nothing as lesser families have taken land  and wealth that does not belong to them.

     I can bear it no longer. The spoils of war should go to the strong, not the self serving or entitled. I say away with The Law, if my family will not rise against the others then I will. I will take it upon myself to raise my family to their rightful place and if they will not follow then so be it. I will assume control of the Elite race myself.

     The time for old men to sit and talk is over. The time for action is at hand. There are a few that have the power to challenge me a few that may be able to stop me. But these few best be prepared for a war because I do not stand alone. There is another. Another more powerful then any ever known and he is coming to extract his vengeance both on the Elite and human race alike.