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Jonathan Yanez: September 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bad Land Cover is Here!

Bad Land Release: October 2013

Tag Line:

Unless someone is brave enough to strike the first match, the night will be forever dark.


            At only twenty-three Marshall Montgomery is the youngest reporter to have ever worked at his newspaper in Los Angeles County. His life has been his job. But something is about to happen that will force him to confront the painful memory of his sister’s death and open him to a world very much apart from his own.

            A young girl has been found dead in Wakan Canyon. A place Marshall will find that has a past filled with violence and bloodshed. Hundreds of years ago Native American’s fought over the land and even today lives are being taken to protect a secret.

            Deep within the canyon there is a power that has been hidden by generations of the area’s inhabitants. In the canyon lies a dark force that has corrupted every single one of its owners since the beginning of time. Now, trying to discover the truth, Marshall finds himself caught in a web of lies, manipulation, secrecy and death.

There is also a giveaway in conjunction of the book's release. There will be 5 Advanced Readers Copies given away. You can enter the raffle here and even though the book is yet to be released you can add it to your Goodreads "to-read list" here: 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bad Land Cover Reveal Monday September 23rd

Bad Land Cover Coming Sep 23rd

     It's hard to believe that in just a few days I'll be releasing the cover to my third book. Things have continued to move forward, so quickly in fact, that Bad Land will be released next month! 

     Just so there is no confusion I wanted to explain what Bad Land is and where the idea came from. Early March 2013 I was brainstorming a movie idea with one of my good friends who is in the film industry. We wanted to come up with an original idea that I could write and he could film. 

     Bad Land, a new adult mystery novel, was born over a rough outline and sandwiches from some weird shop in Santa Monica. Fast forward six months and now after pitching the idea to my publisher and getting their support Bad Land is a book. I've also converted the book into a script for my friend who is out raising support and gathering both the man power and financial backing for a film. 

     For all of my Elite Series fans, Bad Land is not the third book in the series but I believe you will enjoy the read just as much. Book three in the Elite Series is being written now and I am hoping to have a finished draft for my publisher next month.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Trials in Paperback and Day Four of The Elite Series Blog Tour

The Trials Paperback and Blog Tour

     I'm happy to announce that book two in The Elite Series, The Trials, has just hit paperback. You can purchase a copy from Amazon by following this link

     Meanwhile The Elite Series blog tour hosted by Grapevine Book Tours is still going on this week and it's not to late to visit some of the great blog sites that have participated. Each day features a new blog with excerpts, reviews, and giveaways from The Elite Series. Below is the tour schedule both of previous days and more days to come. 

September 9th
• The LUV'NV ~ Meet & Greet + Villain Repertoire (Faust)
September 10th
• Reading the Alphabet ~ Reviews of The Beast Within & The Trials + Tens list (Songs)
September 11th
• Rose & Beps Blog ~ Excerpt
September 12th
• From the Writer's Nest ~ Excerpt
• YA Book Addict ~ Excerpt
September 13th
• Novels they Wrote or Movies they Made ~ Reviews of The Beast Within & The Trials
• EBook Escapes ~ Reviews of The Beast Within & The Trials + Guest Post (Writing Urban Fantasy)
September 14th
• Fandom Fantatic ~ Excerpt

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Win Free Ebooks and Prizes!

The Elite Series Feature and Blog Tour

     I have two exciting announcements to share with you. But first I just wanted to thank all my readers for leaving reviews and ratings for both The Beast Within and The Trials. We are over 100 ratings on Goodreads and almost to 100 ratings on Amazon in just a few short months! Now for the fun stuff.

     First on September 7th The Elite Series will be featured on The 2013 YA Blogfest at and there will be a raffle for book one and two of The Elite Series. You can enter the raffle now on my blog page and see the featured material at the website above on September 7th.

     Second, starting September 9th The Elite Series starts a week long book blog tour hosted by Grapevine Book Tours. There will also be prizes including books and gift cards and you can check out Grapevine Book Tours site here for more details